CLIFTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Mesa County are issuing an apology after officers raided the wrong home.

The incident happened on Tuesday at Coronado Court in the town of Clifton in Mesa County.


Police said they thought they were targeting a methamphetamine operation and instead forcefully entered a couple’s condo with five children inside.

Mesa County and Grand Junction SWAT members surrounded the condo and broke down the front door and destroyed windows as they breached the house.

A person who previously lived at the address was apparently the suspect officers were looking to arrest.

“We got some pretty detailed information from (an) informant,” police spokeswoman Heidi Davidson said, according to the Associated Press. “The name we were given was associated with the address. It just wasn’t current.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“Believe me, our officers and deputies are extremely committed to accuracy, and no one wants to make a mistake like that,” Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper said.

A neighbor told CBS4 they can’t believe the mistake was made.

“You want to know why some people don’t like cops? Because they don’t get their facts straight all the time. They assume that certain things are that are true and then they go for it and it bites them in the butt,” said Chelsea Caudill.

The residents of the condo told CBS4 they are in shock over what happened, but they are happy the sheriff’s office is replacing all of the broken windows and front door. The office also says they will pay to put in new carpet because of broken glass that remains on the carpet from the raid.

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  1. Thomas says:

    We need judges to be more restrictive of these “no knock” warrants. They really need to be used in the very last resort.

  2. Jakob Stagg says:

    Was this a SWATting event or an honest mistake? SWATters should be hung, drawn, quartered, and their offspring sterilized.

  3. Larry says:

    Cops seem incapable of making an arrest without first destroying property.

  4. Mike0oSS says:

    This happens way too often…sometimes with innocent people getting killed. I’m sure there is a lawsuit deservedly being drawn up right now.

  5. si patrick says:

    If this keeps up we will all be kneeling when the national anthem is being played.

  6. Not Chicken Little says:

    Well they said they were sorry. And they’re paying for the damages. Lucky they didn’t shoot a family pet, or the adults or the children.

    And after all their informant said the one they were looking for was there! They believed the informant, no questions asked!

    The police state is already here. They do what they damn well please and even if there is a lawsuit, the taxpayers pay, not the police and the individual officers involved.

  7. si patrick says:

    It is ridiculous that police would use this type of force on a suspected drug dealer . There were no hostages no ones life was in danger. When lives are at risk the cops huddle for hours on the perimeter instead charging in..but a drug deal?…They go full bore…disgusting!!!

  8. RioSam2) says:

    That’s one way to get new carpeting…

  9. David Banks says:

    Sure, people make mistakes but if you’re not a lying, stupid cop you will be held accountable for those mistakes. I like the one in Texas where they did something similar and the homeowner killed the first cop through the door with a rifle. They’re stupid, sloppy and downright disrespectful to the law an those they claim to “protect and serve.” This kind of thing happens all day, every day in this country. What if one of them was chopping vegetables in the kitchen with a knife in his or her hand? They would have been killed on the spot.

  10. chris Perrien says:

    Going in “full auto” and busting down doors on the out-dated words of some junky informant. No prior surveillance or just mere current address checking? This could easily have gotten people(police and innocent civilians) killed . All the police connect with this lazy and reckless action need to be FIRED. Simple as that , NO excuses for such lazy stupidity.

  11. bardgd says:

    There is another problem that I see. The house was being used to make illegal drugs by the previous tenant. The cooking process for the drugs has permeated through out the house. While it is unfortunate that the house was raided at the wrong time. The family is now aware of the conditions of the house and should move out.

  12. wareagle says:

    Start holding cops to the same criminal liability consequences for such acts as you or I would be. This will not stop until they start getting fired or going to jail. This blanket cover up for wrongdoing is a disgrace.

  13. Vulcan1952 says:

    Informants are criminals who have not been indited. Informants have knowledge of criminal activity because they are involved in the same criminal activity. The taxpayers should not pay for repairs to the citizens home the officers should pay out of their on pocket (deducted from over-sized salary).

  14. Al Krause says:

    “We got some pretty detailed information from (an) informant,” police spokeswoman Heidi Davidson said, according to the Associated Press. “The name we were given was associated with the address. It just wasn’t current.

    Now here’s an idea – with almost everything being computerized these days, they should be able to check the online records (utility bills, etc.) before they send in the Gestapo.

    And since when did meth houses need this kind of breaching – especially if flash bangs are used is an explosive atmosphere. That and relying on “informants” who have their own agenda.

    It strikes me that part of the problem is that when all you have is a hammer (SWAT teams), everything looks like a nail.

  15. HeWeiJin says:

    This is what happens when the police is militarized.

    Whatever happened to knocking on the door to serve a warrant? These SWAT teams were not formed to terrorize people. Even if it the suspects did still live there why not send a few officers to perform the search. Why do they all end up with doors and windows busted and flash bang grenades.

    This is how people get killed. Innocent people and police. And if a police officer gets killed in an instance like this how is it not justifiable? Self-defense or accidental? Police kill innocent people all the time when they misread a situation, why should they walk and the home owner be held to a higher standard?

    Rachet this stuff back.

  16. OMEGA 2 says:


  17. jjs says:

    Bar your doors and windows at night, fortify your door, make it impossible to kick down.

  18. Duude says:

    Police do enough raids that its expected a few will be erroneous. But this one begs the question as to why while they weren’t certain of the occupancy yet went forward anyway? Sounds a bit sloppy.

  19. RedRed Robin says:

    Did these cops ever hear of the term “surveillance”?

  20. Greg says:

    These raids are conducted from military style tactics when in hostile fire zones. The purpose is to shock the dwellers into being off guard so the troops can secure the location. The use of flash grenades is part of the tactic. So, the question IS, why is the public allowing fire zone tactics in what should civilian methods. What is most troubling is in the theater of war there are rules of engagement that would NOT allow the methods used by police departments.

    I once heard an officer call into a radio show and he actually used the term “enemy” when speaking about a criminal.

  21. When Israel identifies a house used by terrorists and decides to bomb it, they:
    a) drop leaflets around the house to warn residents and neighbours of the upcoming raid;
    b) minutes before telephone all known numbers associated with the house to deliver the final warning;
    c) drop a dud “bomb” on the roof — as the final final warning to get out;
    d) drop a real bomb (or missile).

    And they are STILL criticized every time they do it for “irresponsible” actions “targeting” civilians. Maybe, US cops ought to learn a thing or two, huh?

  22. Chris Long says:

    The cops didn’t even checked on who lived there now ! No wonder so many people hate cops.

  23. Good for the police. This family is no doubt a bunch of white “racists” who deserve whatever they get. Right, comrades?

  24. Leo Yaus says:

    Huggy Bear was the informant

  25. RC says:

    Soooooo wrong!!!! Should NEVER HAPPEN. Not in our modern world.
    Sounds like key-stone cops, clumsy, inept. Now this family of 5 will be psychologically mared for the rest of their lives. Who can trust the cops after this?? Nobody.

  26. bluesdoc70 says:

    Inexcusable. Period. Someone should lose their job over this. And the family should be paid a large amount in damages.

    The drug laws are used to operate a virtual police state.

  27. Tar says:

    It is not enough to replace the physical things. Those kids will need a lifetime of therapy. And, leaving a family in shock is not acceptable. It costs a lot of money to pay for psychologists and psychiatric services. Millions of dollars I believe. Liberals need to pay up.

  28. babydriver says:

    How do you spell ‘Police State’??

  29. I hope the police are also going to pick up the bill for extensive counseling for the entire family after that traumatic incident. Those children are going to be scarred for life otherwise…

  30. SamVaughn says:

    It is a Democrat run city, incompetence abounds in (D) run cities. Don’t blame the cops they go where they are pointed by the politicians who then throw them under the bus.

  31. Bill Williams says:

    “Believe me, our officers and deputies are extremely committed to accuracy, and no one wants to make a mistake like that,” Grand Junction Police Chief John Camper said.

    No, they are NOT.

  32. joes8523 says:

    just outrageous, and i am a supporter of law enforcement and give them the benefit of the doubt in all cases, but this is outrageous. a little due diligence would have revealed the truth about this residence. and why do you need to bust in anyway? this is law enforcement run amok.

  33. John Smith says:

    So some criminal informant gives you information and without an investigation you bust into the house … just imagine if the owner decided to use his Constitutional right to protect himself with a firearm … he would be dead. Imagine if they had a dog …. he would be dead.

    Cops … act first, think later.

  34. konc2 says:

    Next time send in competent police officers instead of glorified meter maids dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

  35. Richard says:

    So sue, that is why there are lawyers in the world. They will pay damages and get it all fixed.

  36. oink oink says:

    So why didn’t they stake out the house for a day or two then just nab the guy when he comes and goes? Cops love to create drama and danger when there isn’t any.

  37. Eric B says:

    I’ve always been curious about this. You hear about home invasions where the criminals pretend to be the police. I home carry. What if someone kicks down my door and I shoot them? I know I haven’t done anything criminal so I am going to assume they are criminals and not cops.

    Scary to think abut the outcome.

  38. jack says:

    Five kids and they didn’t want to be interviewed? Must have been illegal aliens.

  39. Gary says:

    They need to have their house tested for Meth residue

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