DENVER (CBS4) – Surfers love the thrill of the waves and the sand, but in Colorado it’s the Rocky Mountains and it’s a new backdrop for surfing.

CBS4’s morning anchor Britt Moreno practiced her popups right in Denver.

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At City Surf Fitness in LoHi people are riding a new fitness wave. It’s a total body workout performed on a wobbly surfboard. Surf coach Rachel Van Natta is a fitness guru whose tried most workouts. She says surfing is the most challenging.

“It tests all those little muscles,” she said. “It’s challenging, it’s really fun, and its different.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

A series of Bosu balls supports the board making it unstable. It’s harnessed by a rope-like rubber band that tests one’s core, balance and confidence.

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It is harder than it looks. Any movement on the board seems to ramp up heartrate.

For gym member Krista Hopfenspirger, hopping on the board lets her imagine run wild.

“I pretend for sure. I think I can take on the North Shore any day,” she said.

Surfing the sea is not a requirement for the class, but should that be the goal? Van Natta says training can start right in the Rockies.

“Just one class, man, I feel it, and it feels good. You break out in like crazy sweat and your muscles are just worked,” Van Natta said.

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LINK: City Surf Fitness