DENVER (CBS4) – A longtime Republican joined with Democrats on Thursday to rally against presidential candidate Donald Trump ahead of his visit to Denver on Friday.

Anti-Trump protests have already begun as Trump is expected to speak Friday morning at the Colorado Convention Center.

Dierdra Garcia is an influential Republican in Colorado and former head of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. From his economic policies to what she called “an absolute blatant lack of respect for humanity,” she shredded Donald Trump.

Garcia joined Democratic activists and lawmakers on the steps of the state capitol Thursday afternoon. While she doesn’t typically agree with them on issues, she said, she joined them to defeat Trump.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“I don’t typically agree on issues with the gentlemen behind me but we’re here for the same reason– defeat presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump,” said Garcia.

Garcia said the only thing more frightening than what she called Trump’s economic fantasy was his lack of respect for humanity, and she compared his response to terror to that of a dog.

“If you snatch a piece of meat from a hungry wild dog, he will respond out of pure instinct and attack you. I think we deserve a president who has more intellect, more wisdom, born out of experience, who has more measured problem solving, than a dog, and no disrespect to dogs.”

Garcia told CBS4’s Shaun Boyd after the rally that she will vote for Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee this election.

Trump supporter and former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo released a statement calling Garcia’s comments “hate speech” and that “She must have spend hours brewing the venom she spewed today. Her time would have been better spent explaining her plan to increase wage rates and jobs for countless Hispanics devastated by illegal immigration and trade deals.”