MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – Sharon Smolinski has been hiking the open space around Dinosaur Ridge for more than 20 years.

“This is one of my favorite spots on the Front Range,” she said.

When she learned that area nearby was being groomed for development, she told CBS4 it struck a nerve.

“This development really isn’t compatible here,” she said.

The northwest and southeast corners of the intersection of Alameda Parkway and C-470 are slated to get a makeover in the coming years.

“We were moving in the direction of building this distribution center,” said Greg Stevinson, who represents one of the developers.

Building Plans Map

The developers have moved away from their initial plan and now want to rezone the two areas for more mixed use. That would include auto dealerships, retail stores and restaurants.

“If the zoning doesn’t go through that’s fine, but it will not be persevered. It will be built on,” Stevinson said.

Neighbors of the Dinosaur Ridge attraction, where dinosaur footprints can be viewed, are rallying together and asking questions to different county leaders about the impact on the historic site and surrounding open space.

Some of those residents are wondering why the development is being considered at this time.

“I know that some development is probably inevitable, but I would just want Jefferson County to consider what’s appropriate for this particular area. This is a very unique site,” Smolinksi said.

Not all neighbors are opposed to the plan. Some in the newly developed Solterra neighborhood say they are welcoming the changes.

Stevenson is part of the Stevinson Automotive family, but says there have been no discussion to bring that dealership into the area.