IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– The mountain town of Idaho Springs has been divided after the death of a well-known resident. Eric Spencer was shot and killed last month.

Investigators say they know who pulled the trigger but haven’t made any arrests.

“I heard some shouting but only from one person. I could hear him yelling but couldn’t hear what he was saying,” said neighbor Angela Thompson.

Thompson said she never heard the gunshot but found Spencer, 44, and called 911.

Eric Spencer (credit: CBS)

Eric Spencer (credit: CBS)

“I walk down there and he was laying there and there was blood all around his head and I saw it was Eric Spencer because he used to live here,” said Thompson.

Thompson said it’s concerning because there are a lot of questions that remain after his death.

“There’s a community of people on both sides of it, I know both sides of it so I’m kind of neutral on the situation but it’s stirred up the community up here. We all have questions but we’re not getting answers,” said Amanda Hunt, friend of both the victim and gunman.

Investigators say the man who fired the gun was questioned and then released. The district attorney said Colorado’s Make My Day Law has been considered in this case.

  1. Nina says:

    They are still lieing on the case of ERIC Spencer For one that kid never went to jail the nite he killed eric spence. For tow if you read the report that witness that found eric spencer did not find him on the 2nd floor she found him at the bottom of the stairs face down she called for help. They didnt even start a invaagation till the end of may, the doc even said that the brush on Mr Spencer face he couldnt of been 2 to 3 steeps from the bottom of the stairs. & the doc said the wsy the bullet wentto erics head that there was a distance between the shoter & eric spencer . So you all need to get the facts right. Watch the news clip ercic was found at the bottom of the stairs not on the 2nd floor

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