IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– The Interstate 70 Mountain Express Lane was delayed in opening last weekend but once it opened, drivers got a temporary break on the toll.

Now, the I-70 Express Lane will open to drivers this weekend and tolls will be collected.

The I-70 Express Lane operates for 13 miles between the twin Veterans Memorial Tunnels near Idaho Springs and the Empire exit. The lane allows eastbound traffic to use a newly built “shoulder lane” during peak travel periods.

The toll on the 13-mile stretch will vary based on how many cars are slowing down traffic, starting at $3 and increasing all the way to $30.

The toll is for all motorists including motorcyclists and carpoolers.

I-70 Mountain Express Toll Lane (credit: CBS)

I-70 Mountain Express Toll Lane (credit: CBS)


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