FRANKTOWN, Colo. (CBS4) – Chances are if you’re a regular CBS4 viewer that you’ve heard the name ‘Phil Curry’ at some point during one of our weather segments.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

He’s a former U.S. Navy Pilot, a current resident of Franktown and a CBS4 Weather Watcher. He also has a pretty cool day job and spends most of his week flying high above the skies of Colorado.

In addition to reporting the weather each morning and evening he’ll often send us supplemental weather reports as he shuttles clients from the Front Range to the western slope.

One of Curry’s most popular routes to fly for work is between Broomfield and Montrose. It gives him a bird’s eye view of the Elk, Gore and Front Range Mountains.

CBS4 Weather Watcher Phil Curry flies high over the skies of Colorado. (credit: CBS)

CBS4 Weather Watcher Phil Curry flies high over the skies of Colorado. (credit: CBS)

But this flight path can bring a rough ride at times, especially when a mountain wave cloud forms west of Denver.

“The air can change very, very quickly. It can push us up, surfing the wave,” said Curry.

Although the turbulence can get bad it’s nothing like what he experienced while on a flight over the Atlantic Ocean while serving in the military.

Curry’s reports, both from the air and the ground, are extremely valuable to forecasters in Colorado’s Weather Center. And as an added bonus, we often get some pretty cool pictures and video from his high flying adventures.


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