BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Boulder say they have arrested a man wanted on an attempted murder charge in Baltimore who had been been staying with some University of Colorado football players.

The suspect, Donte Faison, 24, knew the players from high school in Washington D.C. and school officials say the players didn’t know their friend was in trouble with the law.

Police say the players had nothing to do with a standoff incident between Faison and police that happened before his arrest. The standoff lasted for nearly 6 hours and happened at the players’ residence, which is located about a mile away from the university’s campus. The players weren’t home while the events unfolded.

Donte Faison being taken into custody (credit: CBS)

Donte Faison being taken into custody (credit: CBS)

The standoff got the response of a K-9 unit, a bomb squad robot and dozens of SWAT team members in full combat gear.

Police said they were taking normal precautions, but the level of response drew some criticism from neighbors.

Ari Looney told CBS4 he was stuck in his home for hours while the standoff was going on.

“They cut holes in our fence, they cut holes in their fence to get in. And I understand they have to take precautions before they go in the house because they want their officers to be safe and (there are unknowns) but it seemed like a colossal waste of a lot of people’s time and money to me, honestly,” Looney said.

Boulder police say the response was due to the nature of the emergency call.

Faison was found hiding in a crawl space and only surrendered when officers found him in the home.

Authorities are now determining extradition for Faison back to Maryland.


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