DENVER (CBS4) – Safety has become such a concern on Denver’s 16th Street Mall the Downtown Denver Partnership is considering a recommendation to bring in a private security force.

A string of criminal incidents in the area have been fueling a feeling among mall goers that the area is unsafe Downtown Denver Partnership CEO Tami Door says it’s a perception they want to address.

“There’s no question it is safe. At the same time consumer confidence in this space is not as high as we would like it,” Door said.

16th Street Mall (credit: CBS)

16th Street Mall (credit: CBS)

Door says their goal is to enhance the overall experience on the mall and they’ve been working on a downtown security action plan. A consultant working on the plan made several recommendations to the partnership on Wedneday, including improving lighting in the area and even hiring a private security force.

“A private security force was recommended to us to consider and it’s something to absolutely explore going forward,” Door said.

The Denver Police Department already has dozens of officers patrolling downtown, many who are focused on the 16th Street Mall.

Department spokesperson Sonny Jackson says they are aware of the idea and say if the partnership decides it’s a viable option for the mall, they will welcome it.

Homeless set up camp along the 16th Street Mall in Denver. (credit: CBS)

Homeless set up camp along the 16th Street Mall in Denver. (credit: CBS)

“These individuals would be additional eyes and ears out there to help us enhance what we do on the streets to keep the streets safe. We have no issue with that, “ Jackson said.

Mall-goers agree. One women says she’s open to the idea of having additional patrols

“That would be nice, it would be nice to have someone looking out just in case something happens,” she said.

The plan has not been finalized. Door says some of the recommendations could be implemented in the coming months. Whether or not that includes the security team is not clear.

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