DENVER (CBS4) – A man charged with hitting a Denver bicycle officer has pleaded guilty to charges of vehicular assault and attempt to influence a public servant.

Christopher Booker accepted a plea deal and now faces as much as nine years in prison when he’s sentenced in December.

That sentencing will come a year and one day after Booker hit Officer John Adsit as Adsit was escorting students back to East High School after a protest in December.

John Adsit

John Adsit (credit: CBS)

Investigators originally said Booker had a medical condition, but prosecutors charged him, saying he lied to the Division of Motor Vehicles in order to keep his driver’s license. In August Booker had entered a not guilty plea to the charges.

Christopher Booker (credit: Denver police)

Christopher Booker (credit: Denver police)

Adsit was badly injured in the collision. He was dragged under the car and underwent 10 surgeries and extensive rehab during an extended hospital stay.

Adsit’s family said they agreed to the plea deal.