BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – While the new disaster drama “Everest” recently hit theaters, two Boulder climbers just returned from their own trip to the Himalayas where they summited a mountain never before climbed.

They can be heard on video taking the last steps to the top of Jabu Rii. It’s a view very few have ever seen — two to be exact.

On Sept. 16, Ryan Waters and Eric Larsen became the first ever to summit Mount Jabu Rii in Nepal.

“That’s a 20,300 foot mountain,” Waters said.

Now back in Boulder, Waters says he’s achieved a life-long dream of making a first ascent.

“It’s in such a dramatic setting, it makes it pretty amazing,” he said.

Waters is now sharing his story in an effort to help rebuild the area’s tourism industry.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“Tourism is such a big part of the Nepalese economy,” he said.

And it’s one that was rocked from by the Nepal earthquake earlier this year, from fellow guides to local businesses and hotels.

“Even people that are yak drivers that carry everyone’s bags,” Waters stressed.

He says the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism recently opened 104 news peaks in a drastic effort to attract climbers.

“All the infrastructure is still in place, Kathmandu is fine,” said Waters.

After 18 climbing expeditions, including a Mount Everest summit, Waters hopes the area’s climbing industry rebounds as he himself is already prepared to summit new heights.

“If the right opportunity came up, I for sure would go back.”


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