GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)– The teenager who escaped from a youth corrections facility in Golden after striking a guard in the head with a pillowcase full of rocks has been sentenced.

Zachary Oliver was sentenced on Sept. 4 to 24 years in prison for the August 2014 attack.

Oliver pleaded guilty in July to first-degree assault, aggravated robbery, escape and aiding escape. Oliver, who was 17 at the time of the Aug. 31 escape, was charged as an adult.

Zachary Oliver (credit: Jeffco Sheriff)

Zachary Oliver (credit: Jeffco Sheriff)

Prosecutors say he escaped from his cell at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center, knocked the guard unconscious, took his keys and let three other teens free. Surveillance footage shows the teens using pliers to escape through a fence.

The guard, Doug Williams, suffered a subdural hematoma, skull fracture, broken nose and abrasions. He has permanent brain damage and his short term memory has been seriously compromised.

“This is an extremely dangerous young man. This assault was planned, deliberate, and vicious. He continued to pummel Mr. Williams with the bag of rocks, long after he was disabled,” said District Attorney Pete Weir in a statement. “Oliver had 243 incidents while in custody of LMYSC, prior to this assault and escape. Judge Oeffler recognized that nothing less than a prison sentence would protect the public.”

Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center (credit: CBS)

Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center (credit: CBS)

One of the teens, Antoin Griego, 18, was sentenced to six years with the Department of Corrections. He was 17 at the time but was charged as an adult.


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