CONIFER, Colo. (CBS4) – There was a rude awakening for a woman in Conifer after a hungry intruder ransacked her kitchen, and the homeowner has no doubt who was responsible.

Bears are currently searching for food and filling up as they prepare for hibernation. One bear found a smorgasbord inside Gwynneth Mayeux’s house after tearing through a slightly opened window.

The window where the bear got in (credit: CBS)

The window where the bear got in (credit: CBS)

Early Monday morning Mayeux woke to a strange smell and even more startling sight.

“The first thing I noticed was the smell actually. It just smelled funny,” Mayeux told CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann.

Her kitchen was in disarray — with half-eaten food scattered around the floor.

“He pulled this drawer out and ate all the cheese,” she said.

Mayeux didn’t see a bear, but it was evident one broke in through a window and had a feast.

Gwynneth Mayeux's ransacked kitchen (credit: CBS)

Gwynneth Mayeux’s ransacked kitchen (credit: CBS)

“He emptied out two full shelves in the freezer, two in the refrigerator, took some food outside to eat it,” she said. “I felt so violated I guess.”

“Oh gosh! He completely ate one of my Styrofoam balls with corn on it!” Mayeux says in video she shot of the destruction.

Despite the ruckus, Mayeux and her husband slept right through the bear’s messy visit.

“We did not hear one thing (laughs) … and that’s where I think the most vulnerable part is.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it’s likely the young bear will come back, so they’ve set up a pepper spray trap in hopes of keeping him away.

A pepper spray bear trap (credit: CBS)

A pepper spray bear trap (credit: CBS)

“I understand that one of the typical treatments would be to euthanize a bear that has come inside someone’s home, but because I was at fault for leaving the window open I think they’re going to at least try to scare him off,” Mayeux said.

To avoid another rude awakening Mayeux plans to keep all her windows locked.

“Make sure they’re latched and closed.”

Mayeux says she hasn’t seen the bear back here since he broke in, but she’s keeping a close eye and ear out for it.


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