BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – A Broomfield woman who says a coyote jumped her back fence and killed two family dogs over the weekend is hoping to get the word out about the dangers.

“There are too many small children around here. There’s a school right there,” Linda Vissar told CBS4 on Sunday.

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There are signs that warn of coyotes near 120th Avenue and Huron Street where Vissar lives, but she said she hasn’t seen any of the animals in the area until this weekend, and now her family is going around the neighborhood talking about the issue.

On Sunday at approximately 6:45 a.m. Vissar let her dog and her daughter’s dog who was staying there into the backyard. Minutes later she came back to check on them.

“I glanced over the fence and saw my little Trixie all mauled to death,” said Vissar, referring to her shih tzu.

Nelly, a miniature Australian shepherd, had also been attacked and lay nearly lifeless in the yard.

“Less than 5 minutes, both these dogs were gone,” said Vissar.

Both small dogs were blind and their ages also probably made it hard for them to defend themselves. Trixie was nearly 11 and Nelly was 13.

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(credit: CBS)

Photos of Trixie and Nelly (credit: CBS)

Word of the coyote attack is having an effect on some residents.

“I will be a lot more careful when I’m walking (my dog) and I probably won’t let him outside by himself in the backyard,” neighbor Juanita Borfitz told CBS4.

Resident Linda Salzbrener told CBS4 on Monday morning while walking on bike path that she has seen coyotes in the area.

“I’ve seen this particular coyote a couple of times, and I tried to haze it and it was not afraid at all. I’ve also seen pups jumping up in the grass to see where I was at,” she said.

Salzbrener said she carries a stun gun as a way to protect herself.

“It’s not very big, but if I was attacked by one, I could use that,” she said.

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Broomfield police said they have notified Colorado Parks and Wildlife about the incident.