DENVER (CBS4)– Beer started flowing from the taps of Denver’s oldest brewery on Saturday for the grand reopening of the historic Tivoli Brewery.

The brewery is part of the new Beer Industry Operations curriculum at Metro State University in Denver.

The school added four new beer courses for the fall semester.

Tivoli Brewery (credit: CBS)

Tivoli Brewery (credit: CBS)

Students will use the Tivoli building for a real world, hands-on learning experience.

“Having a full, commercial operating brewery here on campus gives a whole, unique advantage to this school that no other school in the country or I would say internationally has,” said CEO and founder of Tivoli Brewing Company Corey Marshal.

The Tivoli Brewing Company first opened in 1864 and grew to be one of the largest breweries in the country at the time before closing in 1969.


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