DENVER (CBS4)– Crews are preparing for the demolition of a big building on the former CU Hospital Complex later this month that will impact traffic and the neighborhood.

The former Biomedical Reserach Building at 9th and Colorado will be demolished on Aug. 29 at 8 a.m.

“Standard demolition of this building would take more than four months and require ongoing lane closures and disruption to the surrounding area,” said Continuum Partners Development Director Frank Cannon in a statement. “Implosion is the safest way to remove this particular building and is the next step in bringing the 9th & Colorado redevelopment project from vision to reality.”

Road closures and barricades will begin at 3 a.m. that same day and extend from 6th Avenue north to 13th Avenue and from Colorado Boulevard to Bellaire Street. All streets are expected to reopen by noon on Aug. 29.

Officials say when the implosion begins there will be a quick sequence of small detonations that may sound like fireworks. The eight-story building collapse will be preceded by a rumbling sound and then a vibration as the building implodes. The entire demolition process should take only 30 seconds.

Crews will use water hoses and dust hogs to keep the dust to a minimum.

An artist's rendition of what the redevelopment at 9th and Colorado will look like (credit:

An artist’s rendition of what the redevelopment at 9th and Colorado will look like (credit:

The 26-acre redevelopment site will include a mix of uses, including residential, office, retail, restaurant, hotel and public space.


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