DENVER (CBS4) – Custom paint jobs on cars aren’t that unusual, but three local artists are taking it to a whole new level.

Artist Lisa Cameron Russel adds layers of brush strokes and paint splatters to create her latest masterpiece.

“You can see it like an impressionist painting. When you step away it comes into focus. When you’re up close it’s an abstract painting,” she says.

But this time the canvas is a bit different — Russel is painting a brand new car.

It sounds like a no-no, but with full permission from the Denver Art Museum and Toyota, Russel, Sandra Fettingis and Mike Graves create their own custom car art.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“I was definitely up for the challenge” Fettingis said.

She methodically planned her design.

“This is my stylized abstract floral design,” she said.

Each artist planted their own floral interpretation on the Denver Art Museum plaza to celebrate the upcoming “In Bloom” exhibition.

“I honestly hope they smile and they like it,” Graves said of the car art.

Covering a car in spray paint would usually get you in trouble, so Graves is relishing the moment.

“It’s that thing you’re not supposed to do, that I’m going to get away with. Draw on walls and cars and get away with it and not get in trouble,” he said.

If you want to see the artists in action, they’ll be painting three more cars over the weekend.

You can find them in the Denver Art Museum plaza starting at 9 a.m., and admission is free on Saturday for everyone at the museum.


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