DENVER (CBS4)– The Biennial of the Americas is a festival that appears every two years in Denver and celebrates the arts, music, culture and ideas of South, Central and North America– all in one place.

“We should have an event that is global in nature but really focused on this hemisphere. We never appreciate Canada, Latin America, and we started doing some research on it and Canada is our number one trading partner, Mexico is our number two trading partner, and yet everyone was taking it for granted,” said Gov. John Hickenlooper in July 2013.

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There is dancing and music and art from throughout the Americas, plus symposiums on journalism, issues and problems facing humanity around the world.

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“They’re kind of thought experiments to think about what does it mean to occupy space, and who occupies space. The idea is to confront and to engage Denverites to ask them questions about urbanisim and art,” said one artist featured two years ago.

In years past, it some say it was scattered but that’s all changed. This year there is one central point for information and activities: 1550 Wewatta Street just southwest of Union Station.

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The Biennial of the Americas festival kicks off July 14 with art, music, architecture and symposiums at various venues around downtown Denver.