LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4)– The task force investigating three shootings, two deadly, in Northern Colorado and the mysterious cases of shattered windows along Interstate 25 has released more details on their progress.

The police chiefs of Loveland and Windsor, along with the Larimer County and Weld County sheriffs have composed a four-page letter to the public releasing the latest on the investigation into the unsolved shootings and shattered windows.

In the 1,500 word letter addressed to the public, authorities tried to provide some insight into the investigation. The letter reconfirms that two shootings, one in April and one in May, were related.

A bicyclist, 48-year-old John Jacoby, was found dead May 18 along a rural road in Windsor. On April 22, Cori Romero, 21, was driving on Interstate 25 when she was shot in the neck. She survived.

Windsor police have linked Cori Romero's shooting and John Jacoby's shooting (credit: CBS)

Windsor police have linked Cori Romero’s shooting and John Jacoby’s shooting (credit: CBS)

The letter goes on to state that the deadly shooting of a man in Loveland earlier this month has not yet been linked.

In that case, 65-year-old William Connole was found on a sidewalk along a main street in Loveland. All three shootings occurred within 15 miles of each other.

William Connole (credit: Connole Family)

William Connole (credit: Connole Family)

The letter states, “We cannot conclusively say whether this shooting is related or not,” and continues, “We continue to methodically review all evidence from this incident.”

The letter also addresses the mysterious shattered windows incidents along I-25 in Northern Colorado.

The letter reads, “Unusual series of broken or shattered windows” in the area is not related to the shootings, “So far it seems most likely that these are being caused by road debris.”

Randy Lingbloom's shattered window (credit: CBS)

Randy Lingbloom’s shattered window (credit: CBS)

The task force leaders also explain that their investigation is a very tedious process as they sort through the evidence. Typically more details would be released to the public but the investigators said doing so now “could be counterproductive to expeditiously solving these cases.”

Authorities hope the public, who the letter was written to, can help solve the cases. The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Authorities would like anyone with any information to call the Task Force Tip Line at 970.498.5595 or via email.