WELD COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– It was September 13, 2013 when Nick Bacria had to pack all of his belongings and leave his home as the St. Vrain River flooded his property. Now, he’s doing it again.

“They keep telling me in 2013 that the 1,000 year flood will not happen again in 1,000 years. And statistically that’s pretty lame,” said Bacria.

The September 2013 floods coast Bacria nearly $500,000 in property damage. Now, less than two years later he’s fearful he may suffer the same fate.

Bacria and his friend are trudging through water that is running towards his home, scrambling to get his belongings, animals and family to higher ground.

The St. Vrain River near Nick Bacria's home (credit: CBS)

The St. Vrain River near Nick Bacria’s home (credit: CBS)

“I’m hoping to save the dogs and cats and my thought is, ‘Why the hell me again?” asked Bacria.

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Just behind his house, emergency crews had to evacuate dozens of campers from a campground near the St. Vrain River, because of rising water levels.

Lorene Cassidy is visiting from Montana when she got an unnerving wake-up call.

“It was about 1 o’clock, I would imagine. They knocked on the door a second time and said, ‘We gotta go,'” said Cassidy.

She and other campers moved to a nearby parking lot.

“It was kind of interesting because it was just a string of campers coming out of there and all the way over here, it was just like a parade, you know, all the campers,” said Cassidy.

Weld County Public Works is monitoring water levels across the county. On Saturday night there were 17 road closures due to rising water across the county including: CR 4 between CR 15 and CR 17 (southeast of Dacono), CR 4 between CR 73 and CR 81 (southeast part of the county near the Adams County boarder), CR 5 between CR 34 1/2 and CR 36 (near Mead/Highland Lake), CR 8 between Hwy 85 and CR 23 (southwest of Fort Lupton), CR 15 between CR 10 and CR 12 (south of Dacono), CR 16 between CR 71 and 73 (southeast of Keenesburg), CR 26 between CR 11.25 and CR 13 (north of Firestone), CR 89 between CR 46 1/2 and CR 52 (near Riverside Reservoir in the Masters area),  Hwy 52 is closed from WCR 73 to Wiggins.


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