DENVER (CBS4) – The legislature passed two bills that could get rid of red light cameras in Colorado, however, that doesn’t mean the bills will make it into law.

Gov. John Hickenlooper admitted he’s no fan of photo radar and red light cameras, “I hate those things, everybody hates them,” he said.

Gov. Hickenlooper on red light cameras

Gov. Hickenlooper on red light cameras

Despite getting a ticket from the red light camera himself, the governor said the state shouldn’t ban the cameras, and as much as told the legislature he would veto any bill that did.

Still, it didn’t stop lawmakers from trying. They sent the governor two bills: one that outlaws the cameras and another that requires cities ask for voters’ permission to use them.

Gov. Hickenlooper said the decision of red light cameras should be left to local governments, not the people who receive the tickets.

“I think it’s very hard for people to vote yes for something nobody likes, that’s such a nuisance, who likes photo radar?” he said.

Even if the bills die, the issue won’t. The president of the senate indicated it may be time to send the question to voters statewide.


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