DENVER (CBS4)– More than 9,440 customers in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver were without power on Thursday night after a power pole fire. Power was restored to residents less than 30 minutes later.

Xcel Energy confirmed that power was intentionally shut down in the area surrounding the pole fire at 1653 Gilpin to allow for repairs.

Xcel crews investigated what caused the power pole to catch fire. Michelle Aguayo, an Xcel Energy spokeswoman, said that fires are sometimes caused by moisture on the lines but it is unknown if that was the case on Thursday night.

The outage boundaries included 21st Avenue through 1st Avenue, Clarkson to Jackson.

Extra crews with Xcel were on duty Thursday due to the snowstorm.

Aguayo confirmed that the lack of wind is helping crews but the possibility that ice would form overnight could weigh down lines and cause problems.