DENVER (CBS4)– The Global Down Syndrome Foundation is determined to help create a brighter future for people with down syndrome.

“I want to be part of advocating for people with down syndrome,” said Global Down Syndrome Foundation International spokesman John McGinley.

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McGinley is well known for his roles on the sitcom Scrubs or movies like Wall Street or Platoon. He’s also the father of three, Max, Kate and Billie-Grace.

“My son Max was born with Down syndrome 17 years ago,” said McGinley.

John McGinley (credit: McGinley)

John McGinley (credit: McGinley)

It became personal because of what McGinley refers to as the “R-word.”

“I love to bully bullies,” said McGinley. “We really hate the word retard and retarded.”

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Soon a campaign was born with a simple message to wipe out the r-word in our vocabularies.

John McGinley (credit: CBS)

John McGinley (credit: CBS)

“And a bunch of us were invited to help craft a campaign that’s now gone viral called “Spread The Word To End The Word,” said McGinley.

He said the campaign is all about joining in and educating those who don’t know or have never been educated about how to speak about children or people with Down syndrome.

“When you disparage a group that’s never done anything to you and can’t reciprocate your vitriol and there is no consequence, there is zero consequence for disparaging the Down syndrome community,” said McGinley.



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