DENVER (CBS4) – Based on the emotions expressed across Twitter, has come up with a list of the happiest and least happy cities and states. Surprise: Colorado and Denver top the happiness list! As if you didn’t already know…

As explained in the study, “In order to determine moods, we listened to people describing their good days, bad days and general outlook on life.” The results were then categorized by region, gender, life goals, and conversations over time.

It turns out that Denverites report the highest level of daily well-being! And Colorado as a state had the second highest ratio of Good Days to Bad Days, close behind Georgia.

(credit: Branchwatch report screenshot)

(credit: Branchwatch report screenshot)

Geography, culture, and economic factors all influence how people feel in different regions. Those in the northeast were least happy, for obvious reasons.

Other findings include the trend of people being more positive on the weekends than the weekdays, with Friday being the happiest of weekdays. (But we didn’t need a survey to know that).

Internationally speaking, Australians are the happiest about their days as reported by Twitter. Ireland follows that, with the UK as third and New Zealand as fourth. The United States as a country is sixth on the list of positivity.

While not entirely inclusive (no survey really is), this Twitter study is a good pool to observe because people have become very comfortable posting their daily thoughts and feelings on social media. They’re also more inclined to be truthful when posting personally than when taking a formal survey.

The full report of genders, economic settings, and various states can be found here.


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