It seems like odd advice—after all you would think that an egg would be like a heart bomb- but all of the latest research shows it has very little effect on our blood cholesterol.

But first, let me say that the cholesterol in your bloodstream is very important. Too high and it can clog up your heart arteries.

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So how can you say it’s okay to eat a food that’s high in cholesterol—like an egg?

The reason is simple.

The cholesterol in an egg doesn’t raise your blood cholesterol. An egg’s cholesterol is not absorbed and therefore doesn’t add to blood cholesterol levels.

In fact, more than 80 percent of the cholesterol in your blood is made by you–manufactured in your liver. In other words—it’s mainly a genetic deal and you can’t help it. You, in fact, could eat oatmeal all day and still have high numbers if that’s what cards your family history has dealt you.

So here are some of the foods with high cholesterol content that will be pardoned by the food police/advisors/recommenders:


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Fish- fatty ones like salmon

Shellfish- like shrimp

Now these two contain no cholesterol, but many people bleieve they do. It is true they have fat- but it is monounsaturated fat which actually lower cholesterol. It is therefore a myth they are high cholesterol foods:



One major caution: before you go hog wild—there are foods high in cholesterol –but also high in other fats– bad fats. They are not on the list—things like bacon and donuts and chips. And eat too much—and your heart will attack you.  (You also may need to limit your eggs if you have diabetes).

You still need to use common sense and moderation when it comes to diet.

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Source**In a draft report issued in December, an influential federal panel — the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee — scrapped longstanding guidelines about avoiding high-cholesterol food.
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