DENVER (CBS4)– A Denver man nearly died on a morning jog and now he’s searching for the Good Samaritans he believed saved his life.

Phil Lawson was up for an early morning jog with his wife, Pam, on Sept. 30 in Cheesman Park. She was up ahead but when he didn’t follow, she turned back.

Phil and Pam Lawson show CBS4's Kathy Walsh where Phil collapsed while jogging (credit: CBS)

Phil and Pam Lawson show CBS4’s Kathy Walsh where Phil collapsed while jogging (credit: CBS)

“I could actually see a small crowd of people forming around a dark object on the ground,” said Pam.

Phil had suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

“Your face hits the ground and it’s over with,” said Phil.

When asked if Phil was dying, Dr. Sam Rougas, a Cardiologist at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s, replied, “Yes, yes he was.”

Pam said a woman jogger called 911 and immediately started CPR. Then another woman took over.

“That woman who was Johnny-on-the-spot and was able to get in there literally not only saved his life but saved his ability to think,” said Rougas.

Three months later Phil is in cardiac rehabilitation. He’s even running on the treadmill.

Phil returned to the Intensive Care Unit at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital to thank the medical team who helped save his life. But it’s the Good Samaritans who they still want to thank.

“When we were at our most helpless it was a group of total strangers that carried us along to safety,” said Pam.

The Lawsons are hoping those strangers will see this story and come forward. They would love to thank them and let them know that because of them, Phil is alive and once again spending time with Pam in Cheesman Park.