DENVER (CBS4) – With temperatures in Denver hovering around the zero degree mark in Denver Wednesday morning, one neighbor snapped a photo that shocked animal lovers on Twitter.

“Tonee Lawrence” tweeted a photo showing a snowy backyard and a dog curled up outside on a back porch with snow on its back.

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The photo prompted many angry responses on Twitter and even prompted police in Denver to send out some of their own tweets to let people know they were looking into the situation:

Denver Animal Control has been notified about the dog left outside. The address is near DIA expect a delay

Animal control advises they are aware of the dog (husky) and address. Dog has shelter avail – chooses outside (breed)

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DPD will attempt to contact owner when an officer is available

Sometime later, Denver police sent out a tweet saying the dog had been brought inside:

animal control advises they spoke to homeowner who brought dog inside

Meghan Hughes, communications director for Denver’s Environment Health department, said there is an ordinance on the city books that requires pet owners provide adequate shelter to their pets “that protects them from the elements.”

“Examples of adequate shelter could be a dog house, a lean-to — anything that keeps a dog out of the wind and wet weather and helps to keep them dry,” Hughes said.

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Anyone who wishes to report any possible animal cruelty should contact Denver’s 311 call center and the information will be checked on by the city’s animal control division.