DENVER (AP) – This year’s election in Denver is being called an “all-mail” election, but calling it that could be misleading as voters can still turn in their ballots at drop-off areas and make their votes at polling locations.

Voting in Denver has been going on since Oct. 15. The votes are already being counted, but not tabulated.

There have been problems in Adams County where residents received election ballots with errors on them, the county clerk’s office said Sunday, following another ballot-related mistake announced Thursday.

Denver Elections Director Amber McReynolds says Denver’s election is done differently.

“We use a local vendor, and that enables us to have staff, election judges and bipartisan groups of judges, out at the printing facility during which our ballots are printed and as they’re inserted,” McReynolds said.

It’s called an “all-mail” election because everybody gets a ballot in the mail. Because of that a lot of ballots are coming in through the mail or being dropped off. So come 7 p.m. on Election Day there will be many more ballots that will be tabulated, so results should be known earlier in many cases.

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