DENVER (CBS4) – An attorney with the Denver DA’s office said Tuesday no one should judge Janay Rice for her comments after Ray Rice’s suspension.

She lashed out against the media on Instagram, writing:

“To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret everyday is a horrible thing. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is!”

Defending an attacker is often part of the so-called battered woman’s syndrome, Maggie Conboy said.

“In general when people have experience long-term, their behavior can be counterintuitive,” the attorney at the DA’s office said. The attacker in domestic violence situations is asserting power and control over the victim.

LINK: Victim Resources from the Denver District Attorney’s Office

The NFL suspended Rice indefinitely after TMZ aired a surveillance video Monday that showed the former Baltimore Ravens running back striking her in a hotel elevator and knocking her unconscious.

On Tuesday afternoon, CBS4’s Gloria Neal spoke with a source close to the Rices who said Janay is holding up despite the tough circumstances. She plans to stay with her husband, the source said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told CBS News the league did not see the second tape — the one released Monday that shows Rice punching Janay — until it aired on

Rice’s alma mater, Rutgers University, is removing all signs of Rice at the university.

Players at the school and head coach Kyle Flood — who was an assistant coach when Rice played there — had little to say.

“I have no comment on what the NFL has done and no communication with Ray, either,” Flood said.

CBS showed the video to Rutgers freshman Karli Rymer, who said she agrees with the university’s decision to remove all signs of Rice.

“Oh my god, that’s unacceptable,” she said. “He did an awful thing.”


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