DENVER (CBS4) – As violence worsens in the Middle East, protestors in Denver took a stand at the state Capitol.

Activists gathered to demand that Israel get out of Gaza. Hundreds gathered for a protest that began on the Capitol steps and continued blocks away with a startling demonstration involving children.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Drenched in a show of blood, men, women and children marched from the Capitol to take a stand against Israeli attacks on Palestinian Gaza.

“This is just a humanitarian crisis, and we’re here to say that we do not stand by that and we’re calling for action. We’re calling for action from the international community,” said Nadeen Ibrahim, protest leader and Muslim Student Association President.

Neal Feldman with Jewish Voice for Peace participated in the rally.

“Watching the situation and what’s going on in Gaza is just not something that we can accept as Jews even though so many Jews believe in this doctrine of Zionism,” Feldman said.

A heavy police presence stood by as children flooded the Denver Art Museum, sending a message of their own.

“The message was, ‘Here we are, Palestinians are dying,’ ” a demonstrator said.

Meanwhile, Israel’s prime minister Saturday afternoon said Israel will continue fighting to prevent attacks from Gaza after its tunnels are destroyed.

Demonstrators said they will continue protesting every Saturday until the violence stops.

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