DENVER (CBS4)– Emergency pothole repair is underway across the Denver metro area after days of heavy rain damaged roadways.

Colorado Department of Transportation and Denver Public Works crews hit the streets as soon as the skies cleared on Thursday.

“We take potholes very seriously, of course we have a lot of road to cover,” said CDOT spokeswoman Crystal Morgan.

Crews repair potholes (credit: CBS)

Crews repair potholes (credit: CBS)

The wet weather caused a lot of standing water which damages asphalt surfaces that cover most of the roadways in the Denver metro area.

Those potholes can range from a nuisance to a public safety issue.

“When you go from the cold to the hot, cold to the hot, especially that wet weather, it causes the asphalt or concrete to expand and contract,” said Morgan.

If the wet weather is forecast to continue, crews will conduct a temporary fix. Once those storms pass repair crews will make permanent repairs.

In warm weather potholes are patched with hot asphalt but in winter months the potholes are patched with the temporary cold asphalt to make the street safe until warm weather allows for a more permanent repair.

“We expect to see more potholes pop up with the weather. It takes a couple of days for it to get under the asphalt,” said Denver Public Works spokeswoman Heather Burke.

Pothole repair (credit: CBS)

Pothole repair (credit: CBS)

Denver Public Works has six street maintenance crews patrolling the streets, searching for and repairing potholes.

“We never used to get this amount of rain this time of the summer but lately this is like the spring, we’re having to get out there and do more pothole repairs,” said Morgan.

Denver Public Works said they have repaired 43,000 potholes.

Those who live in the City and County of Denver can call 311 to report a pothole.

You can report potholes outside of Denver by contacting the appropriate county. In area code 303, call: Unincorporated Jefferson County 271-5200; Adams County 853-7137; Broomfield County 438-6360; Golden County 215-8882 x2901; Boulder County; Douglas County 660-7480; Aurora County 326-8200, and in area code 970, call: Arapahoe County 874-7623 and Fort Collins 221-6614.


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