DENVER (CBS4) – Maybe you can’t blame him.

Just a day after the Colorado Rockies printed roughly 15,000 fan giveaway jerseys with Troy Tulowitzki’s name misspelled as “Tulowizki,” he attended a New York Yankees game in the Bronx in plain view, just nine rows from home plate.

Earlier this season the All-Star shortstop told team brass he’d OK a trade to a contender — and the Yankees, despite struggles this season, perennially are one — if Rockies ownership felt it was in their best interests.

LINK: Tulo Turns Heads In Bronx

The team hasn’t shopped him around, at least publicly, but speculation has built that the Yankees may try to snag Tulowitzki to replace shortstop Derek Jeter when he retires after this season.

So Tulowitzki’s catching a Yankees game certainly piqued baseball’s interest.

It’s impossible to know, of course, whether that ham-fisted jersey typo would influence Tulowitzki’s future plans (in fact, it probably has zero effect). But the public relations clumsiness might add insult to injury.

Speaking of injury, that’s why Tulowitzki headed east. He’s on the 15-day disabled list for a hip strain, and he’s scheduled to meet with a Philadelphia doctor. According to The Denver Post, Tulowitzki traveled to New York because he wanted to see Jeter, also his boyhood idol, play one last time.

“It’s a short drive from Philly,” he told the Post.

Has Jeter attended another club’s game during the season?

“What do you think?” Jeter said after Sunday’s game. “No, I haven’t.”


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