DENVER (CBS4)– All flights from the U.S. to Tel Aviv, Israel have been grounded during escalating violence but that isn’t stopping some Coloradans from making travel plans to the region.

The FAA told all U.S. carriers they are prohibited from flying to the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv until Wednesday because of the potentially dangerous situation.

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed near Israel’s main airport, wounding one person.

There is concern the flight ban could be extended.

That isn’t stopping some in Colorado from making or keeping travel plans that take them to Israel.

“Colorado is gorgeous but home will always be there,” said Michal Uziyah.

Uziyah returned to Colorado after a recent trip to Israel to visit her family.

“The only concern I had was the need of hugging my kids at night,” said Uziyah.

Uziyah is an Israeli Emissary for Jewish Colorado. She grew up in a small town, just seven kilometers from Gaza. She believes fighting in the region is a part of life.

As an 8th grader, Uziyah remembers running for shelter during the Gulf War.

“It’s not new for us. My kids were born in 2006 to the second Lebanon war. Rockets were flying over our heads constantly,” said Uziyah.

Last week, Uziyah’s children, Ron and Shira, both heard sirens during the Palestinian rocket attacks.

“You lay down and put your hands on your head, so we did that,” said Ron.

Shira fled to a shelter after an attack while picking up her cousin at school.

“We heard it fall where we were picking up my cousin,” said Shira.

Both returned home to Colorado unharmed and unafraid.

When asked if they were scared, they replied, “No.”

Susan Kramer lives in Colorado but is paying attention to what is happening in the Gaza Strip. She has a son who lives in Israel.

“Absolutely I’m worried and he is where he wants to be so I have to support that,” said Kramer.

Kramer said if the U.S. changes its policy on flights to Israel she plans to fly there on Aug. 5.

“I’m going to be scared but I’m going anyway,” said Kramer. “If we’re allowed to go then to show solidarity and support is important.”


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