DENVER (CBS4)– Enjoying home-grown produce doesn’t have to come from your own garden, now urban gardeners can sell the fruits and vegetables they grow.

A new amendment makes it possible for those who live in the City of Denver. The law went into effect last week.

“I grow just about everything, I grow herbs, all kinds of vegetables and fruits,” said urban gardener Debra Neeley.

She also raises chickens for fresh eggs and has bees to make honey.

“I have seven chickens. I’m going to get another one because the max is eight,” said Neeley. “I will have a surplus of honey that I can pass along.”

The idea of allowing Denver residents to sell what they grow came from Denver City Councilwoman Robin Kniech, who is a gardener herself.

“I really like the idea as well that neighbors are going to talk to each other,” said Kniech. “As a city council member, whether folks are talking about vegetables or their kids playing in the yard, it’s a good thing.”

Neeley will need to get a $20 permit from the City of Denver to sell from her garden.

“This is a squash, some cucumber, Nanking cherry, Red Delicious apple, Bartlett pear,” said Neeley.

She won’t be allowed to sell anything that requires refrigeration or canned vegetables for food safety reasons.

“I absolutely love it. It’s my passion, I do it full time,” said Neeley.

Her passion and others like her can provide their neighbors with fresh produce grown locally and with love.

The amendment does not allow those who grow marijuana to sell it out of their backyards.