DENVER (CBS4) – President Barack Obama is a “charlatan,” a la the Wizard of Oz, according to a new documentary that premieres nationally in Denver on Friday.

“There’s No Place Like Utopia” is the work of filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who criticizes Obama and progressives. The poster for the film shows an illustration of Obama looking toward Oz’s Emerald City while waving a small American flag in one hand and holding the Soviet-style hammer and sickle behind his back in his other.

“I think the analogy of Obama as the Wizard of Oz is well-deserved,” Gilbert told CBS4. “The wizard made promise after promise and said he was going to solve all of Dorothy’s problems. But just like the Wizard of Oz, Obama made all these promises he never intended to keep.”

The film is being screened at the Western Conservative Summit, an event that draws Republicans from around the country.