DENVER (CBS4)– Police in Denver are searching for a man who they believe scammed several drivers out of their money by pretending to be a parking attendant. He took cash from drivers who parked in a lot but didn’t work there.

Police hope to catch the man before he strikes again.

(credit: Denver Police)

(credit: Denver Police)

“If he looked authentic enough, you may just fall for it and give him the money, you never know,” said driver Joel Smith.

Over the past few weeks, police said the man has posed several times as a parking attendant at the Town Park lot at 15th Street near the Denver Pavilions.

“People would come to park, he would pretend that he was able to be there. He would take money and he may or may not have offered them a ticket in return,” said Denver Police Department spokeswoman Christine Downs.

“Definitely is roaming the area looking for any extra cash he can get,” said Town Park Manager Tanner Rogers.

Rogers said he is not sure how many people have been scammed or how much they’ve paid but the suspect’s nickname is “Headphone Guy.”

“He’s got this ratty green hat on and he always has his headphones on, just kind of lurking if you will in the parking lot,” said Rogers.

Rogers said the parking lot clearly states “Pay Machine Only.”

Customer Allison Jones said despite the signs she can see how people would give money to a uniformed attendant, “People are just naive I guess and I might, too.”

Last week Rogers alerted police and security after they spotted the suspect in the parking lot but headphone guy ran away.

“He was like a gazelle running through the parking lot to evade capture,” said Rogers. “A headphoned gazelle if you will.”

Rogers is asking for the public’s help in tracking down the guy to put an end to the parking scammer.

“If somebody asks you for cash, be wary,” said Rogers.

Anyone with information is asked to call police in Denver.


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