DENVER (CBS4) – Police are investigating after shots rang out in a West Denver neighborhood before dawn on Saturday.

Denver police rushed to a home in the 400 block of King Street where they found a family had been terrorized by a group of violent thieves. Two suspects are still on the loose.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Richard Kabat pointed out to CBS4’s Melissa Garcia the bullet hole from the gunshot that gave his family a rude awakening.

The bullet hole in Richard Kabat's house (credit: CBS)

The bullet hole in Richard Kabat’s house (credit: CBS)

“I heard the gunfire, so I got up and grabbed my gun, was going to go out the door, and they were gone,” Kabat said. “Going through my head was just grabbing my gun and making sure nobody in my house got hurt.”

With his wife and four children inside the home, he’s grateful the bullet went through the attic and not through the living room window where his daughter was sleeping.

“I’d rather have it go through the attic. That’s repairable, windows are repairable. My family is not,” Kabat said.

“We don’t see a lot of home invasion robberies that early in the morning,” Sgt. Steve Warneke with the Denver Police Department said.

Warneke says the crime began at the home next door to Kabat’s. Four men armed with handguns rushed into the home and robbed the two young men who live inside. Warneke said a pistol put a hole in the porch awning before the robbers ran off.

Officers immediately locked down a search area and put out a reverse 911 alert.

“We were concerned for the safety of the residents there, so the 911 center will call the residents’ home and say, ‘Hey, please stay indoors,’ ” Warneke said.

With the help from the Metro SWAT Team and police K-9s, officers caught two of the four suspects just hours later.

After 16 years in the neighborhood, Kabat says he’s fed up with the violence and disrespect.

“When I was a kid it was fight or get your butt kicked. Now it’s duck or you’re going to get shot,” he said.

Kabat hopes something changes before tragedy strikes.

“I don’t want anybody messing with this neighborhood. There are a lot of good people out here,” he said.

One of the suspects caught was bitten by a K-9. He was taken to an area hospital and treated for minor injuries.


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