DENVER (CBS4) – Arson investigators are trying to figure out how an early morning fire started in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

The fire started at approximately 3:30 a.m. in the 1200 block of Ogden Street. It started in a dumpster and spread to a nearby apartment building.

Some residents were forced to evacuate. The fire melted a power meter which knocked out power in the building for several hours.

Dan and Casey Rizzo told CBS4 they woke up to the sound of neighbors screaming that there was a fire. Then when they left the building they were surrounded by heavy smoke.

“It was kind of scary. Even when we were outside you could see through the glass windows and all you could see was that smoke,” Casey Rizzo said.

No one was injured.

There’s currently no estimate on how much damage the fire caused.

Authorities said they also responded to another fire about a block away, near 12th and Ogden, around the same time. They are investigating to see if the fires were connected.