DENVER (CBS4)– The progression of Shannon Conley’s involvement with a radical Islamic group was captured on her social media postings.

Conley, 19, from Arvada, was arrested by the FBI in April. Her case just became public.

According to court documents, she converted to Islam after meeting a Muslim man online who convinced her to take part in a holy war.

Shannon Conley (credit: Facebook)

Shannon Conley (credit: Facebook)

The radical Islamic group is known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS.

Even though not all her posts relates to Islam or Jihad, she appeared to become more radicalized.

Over the course of eight months the FBI met with Conley, also known as Halima Conley, to try to talk her out of going through with her plans to provide support to ISIS.

Halima Conley (credit: Pinterest)

Halima Conley (credit: Pinterest)

According to court documents she told agents, “It is acceptable to attack Westerners… in defense of Jihad.”

Conley’s Facebook page is posted under her alias of Halima Conley, along with a Pinterest page.

On her Facebook page she refers to herself as a slave of Allah. There is also a testimonial in which she states she sampled other religions before she embraced Islam.

Just one month prior to her arrest, a post depicting British women joining Jihad in Syria appeared on her page.

Conley also told FBI agents that Jihad or war must be waged to protect Muslim nations but that she didn’t need to be overseas to wage war.


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