GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – Weld County is leading the nation in job creation. The employment rate in the county jumped 6 percent during 2013.

Most of the job growth came in the construction industry but energy is also a growing sector and large job producer in Weld County.

(credit: CBS)

Drilling in Weld County (credit: CBS)

A new source of growth is from agritourism, as people actually travel to farms and ranches to see where their food is produced.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Weld County has a higher rate of job growth than larger regions in Florida and California.

And that 6 percent rate far outpaces the national rate which is less than 2 percent.

And those jobs in Weld County also pay more than many others found in other communities.

Experts say the county’s progressive attitude and expanding its industries outside agriculture account for the growth.

“Hopefully things like this have people saying ‘Wait a minute, I should take a second look. Maybe it’s not what I thought that stereotype was,'” said Eric Berglund with the Upstate Colorado Economic Development Agency.

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