ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The search has been suspended for a man missing in Clear Creek since Friday night. Authorities looked for him and then started searching again Saturday morning.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Authorities say the man and a friend jumped into the creek late Friday night near the kayak park in Golden but only the friend climbed out.

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(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

In Arvada, downstream from where the man was last seen, several rescue crews, including from Golden and Wheat Ridge, searched for miles along the creek.

The creek is rushing 1,600 cubic feet per second, which is more than twice as fast as it normally flows this time of year. Authorities say the missing man could have been carried very far downstream, and as of Saturday afternoon search and rescue teams came up empty-handed.

Emergency dispatch in Golden got a strange call around midnight.

“Two friends were around the creek hanging out. They both decided to jump into the water. One came out and he never saw his friend get out of the water,” Karlyn Tilley with Golden Fire Rescue said.

Tilley said the city of Golden closed Clear Creek to swimmers last weekend to try and avoid dangers.

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Braving rushing white waters, rescue crews spent hours searching for the missing man in his mid-30s. They scoured the banks and probed between rocks and branches, On Saturday they enacted the very training that prepared them last week for what they hoped wouldn’t become a reality.

“I couldn’t imagine what they’re going through looking for that guy today — scary times,” resident Byron Ward said.

Ward feels for the searchers, and even more for the victim.

“From midnight to tonight in that cold water, it can’t be good,” Ward said. “I sure hope they find him.”

It’s a sobering warning that the raging creek now isn’t safe for anyone.

“It’s definitely a summer recreation activity. Everyone’s always tubing in the creek and jumping in, so it’s just crazy that someone is missing right now,” Clear Creek swimmer Breanna Stranges said.

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A reminder to anyone near Clear Creek there is a $100 fine for getting into the water.