COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A fast moving storm that passed through Colorado Springs on Wednesday caused damage in several neighborhoods.

The storm blasted through El Paso County in the afternoon and only sat above the Colorado Springs metro area for about 15 minutes, but it included intense hail and strong winds.

Residents are now cleaning up the damage from the hail, heavy rain and street flooding.

At one home the hail stripped the aluminum insulation off an outdoor pipe and ripped through window screens. Hailstones also tore leaves off many trees.

Some cars in the area looked like they had been parked on a driving range from all of the hail.

“The hail was this high up against my door,” said Robert Peters, 92, pointing to his chest. “And it was just like frozen ice.”

Robert Peters shows unmelted hail on his lawn. (credit: CBS)

Robert Peters shows unmelted hail on his lawn. (credit: CBS)

Peters said the storm was the worst he’s seen in the area. He spent the afternoon cleaning up.

“It can’t describe it. It was so noisy. It was just like it was clattering and clanging and banging,” he said.

There were no reports of any major injuries as a result of the storm in the county.


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