DENVER (CBS4)– There is a call to stop all sales of edible pot products until the confusion over potency is settled.

A task force met Wednesday to start brainstorming ways to educate consumers, including a standard warning system on popular edibles, which is the industry term for marijuana that has been concentrated and infused into food or drink.

“I think it’s safe, we have labeling requirements, we’re doing everything we can,” said Colorado Dept. of Revenue Ron Kammerzell.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Right now nothing regulates whether a single chocolate candy edible has more or less concentrated marijuana than an entire package of cookies.

“I believe the state should consider suspending the sale of all edibles to have a better handle of what is happening out there,” said Erie Police Chief Marco Vasquez.

Colorado already limits THC – marijuana’s intoxicating chemical – in edible pot products to 10mg per serving, with a maximum of 10 servings per package. Exact comparisons are tricky because marijuana varies widely in potency and quality, but 10mg of THC is considered roughly equivalent to the amount in a medium-sized joint.

The Department of Revenue is considering rules leaving a specific dosage and serving size in a container.

Critics believe it’s a problem because one cookie may seem like a single serving to consumers but it could contain up to 10 times the amount of a single marijuana serving.

“The way your own body responds can be very different, not only just person to person but with the same person when they take it,” said Dr. Sam Wang.

Wang said serving sizes are a good place for regulators to start. With strains of marijuana varying in potency regulators may also have to consider guidelines for experienced and new users of the drug.

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