BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Udall is fighting to save his senate seat and help keep the Democrats in control on Capitol Hill.

Republican Representative Cory Gardner is running against Udall in what is expected to be one of the biggest, one of the most expensive and most watched senate races in the country.

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It’s one of six races around the U.S. that should decide the balance of power.

Udall has spent the past 16 years in Congress.

He’s tackled some major issues like Obamacare. Udall defends it. He says his biggest challenge is convincing seniors they are better off.

The Affordable Health Care law limits growth of Medicare by $700 million in large part by shrinking payments for providers in Medicare Advantage.

“What we did is we redirected those extra Medicare Advantage dollars into prolonging the life of Medicare and closing the donut hole for seniors so we’re seeing seniors’ prescription drug costs lowering,” said Udall.

The other voting block he needs to win is women.

When asked if he supports any limits to abortion, even late-term partial birth, Udall replied, “I support the Supreme Court’s ruling when it comes to abortion.”

The Supreme Court leaves rules regarding abortion up to the states. Udall’s spokesman said he agrees with Colorado’s decision to enact no limits.

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Another big issue this election: fracking.

When asked if he thinks communities like Boulder should be allowed to ban fracking altogether, Udall replied, “That’s not really a discussion that’s been had. What I think communities want is to have a say.”

He didn’t tell us whether he supports bans on fracking but did say, “There’s a way, I believe, to protect public health and protect the jobs.”

Udall said there is also a way to protect public safety and gun rights. He voted for background checks on private sales.

As for limits on high-capacity magazines, “I think the case can be made. I supported it. You hear stories that when the shooter goes to reload that’s when he’s overcome.”

Udall says he’s the best choice for Colorado voters and representing what they want.

“You can cherry pick votes all you want but in the end, my record is mainstream and I’m running on it. Not every Coloradan agrees with everything I’ve done, not even my wife agrees with everything, but I mean what I say and say what I mean,” said Udall.

Republicans will try to paint Udall as supporting everything President Obama proposes. While Udall has supported most of the President’s domestic agenda, Udall has gone against him on the NSA policy and a balanced-budget amendment.

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