DENVER (CBS4) – A woman and her two dogs are recovering from a vicious attack from dogs owned by her neighbors after they broke through a security door and came charging into her living room.

The attacking dogs are being kept in quarantine at an animal shelter.

“They look like pit bulls,” Shirley Crofford said.

Shirley and Jon Crofford with their dog Gordy (credit: CBS)

Shirley and Jon Crofford with their dog Gordy (credit: CBS)

Shirley is still fighting tears after she says she fought for her life.

“It was thee dogs in my living room — so fast — they just charged right through,” she said.

Bent metal bars are visible from where Shirley says the dogs charged through her locked security door Saturday afternoon.

“I thought I was going to die,” Shirley said.

She has bandages and bites.

“I tried to pull the other one off and then the other one comes back,” Shirley’s husband Jon Crofford said.

Her husband tried to intervene as the dogs attacked his wife and their two small dogs inside.

“They go right for the throat,” Jon said.

One of their dogs, Gordy, just got out of the veterinarian clinic and his wounds are still visible. Their other dog, Dug, still needs multiple surgeries after his jaw was broken in three places.

While CBS4’s Suzanne McCarroll was talking to the Croffords somebody came out of the house where the attacking dogs live. She did not want to speak to CBS4 and nor did anyone answer a knock at their door later.
“They were in an attack mode and they didn’t care,” Shirley said.

Shirley says she can’t believe she’s alive to tell her story of being bitten and dragged from her own home by a pack of dogs.

Shirley says the dogs look like pit bulls but animal control officers say they are still verifying exactly what kind of dogs they are.

Additional Information

To make a donation to the Croffords to help pay for veterinarian bills, visit any Wells Fargo location and donate to the Dug And Gordy Animal Hospital Fund.


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