DENVER (CBS4)– The state House has given initial approval to a measure that would add tighter regulations to edible marijuana products.

Supporters of the bill claim it’s too tough to tell the difference between candy-coated pot edibles and candy or snacks that is not laced with marijuana.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The makers of edible marijuana products railed against the proposal, calling the plan to regulate edible pot products impossible.

“We shouldn’t be legislating because people don’t like it,” said proposal opponent Dan England.

He believes Colorado should focus on better labeling instead and used unmarked bottles of juice, liquor and cleaning supplies to prove a point.

“This will kill you almost as soon as you drink it. This is bleach. If you can’t tell, how can a 3-year-old?” said England.

Marijuana producers said regulating edibles violates Amendment 64. Edible sales are written into the law.

Representative Jonathan Singer, a Democrat representing Longmont, sponsors one of the bills calling for regulation. He said the legislature needs to be able to show what is and isn’t laced with pot without driving the industry back underground.

“I supported legalizing marijuana but we need to find a way to responsibly regulate this and get it out of the hands of kids,” said Singer.

The bill requires the Department of Revenue to determine how edible marijuana in all its forms can be instantly recognizable. Unlike alcohol marijuana can be impossible to spot when mixed with something else.

“To me it’s not about kids accidentally ingesting marijuana. It’s about the parents, the teachers, the guidance counselors knowing kids are passing around that candy,” said Christian Sederberg, a lawyer with Vicinte-Sederberg LLC that specializes in marijuana law.

The bill will move to the entire House floor for a final vote next week.


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