DENVER (CBS4) – A plane was taken to a remote location at Denver International Airport after a report of a threat Friday afternoon.

The plane at DIA (credit: Tone Sevy/Twitter)

The plane at DIA (credit: Tone Sevy/Twitter)

Delta Flight 1500, a 737 with 151 passengers and a crew of six, arrived in Denver from Detroit at 4:40 p.m. Passengers were deplaned and taken by buses to another location.

Passengers say a note was found in the back galley on it one word “bomb.” Passengers say pilots put the plane down immediately.

The passengers were sprayed with water before they deplaned and were interviewed by the FBI for hours about the threat. All passengers, luggage and the aircraft itself were screened.

“It was my first time flying … so (it was) unexpected,” one passenger said.

“You could tell there was something going right about 10 minutes before we landed … the main airline attendant was moving pretty fast,” another passenger said. “He was almost running up and down the aisles, so I knew something was not right. Then he came on right away and said that something had been found.”

Passengers said nothing was found on the plane.

Four hours later travelers were bussed back to the terminal to get their luggage where anxious families were waiting.


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