AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Colorado is in the midst of a gun-buying boom. More people are buying guns than ever before. But many of those have no idea how to use those weapons properly.

More than 400,000 Coloradans bought guns last year that is the most in state history.

With that many guns on the streets “Use of 4orce” is changing the playing field when it comes to gun safety. They offer gun safety instruction which was previously offered only to the military and police.

4orce Training Company (credit: CBS)

4orce Training Company (credit: CBS)

“Just like a professional athlete. They train. This is a skill and you need to practice,” said Use of 4orce owner Alan Geary.

During a one-hour session state-of-the-art simulators replicate up to 20 lifelike situations including a thief breaking into your home to being threatened by a disoriented woman.

Split decisions are required and a wrong move can be fatal.

Geary started the company after 35 years in law enforcement. He said it’s all about safety.

Colorado concealed weapons laws do not require live fire training for gun owners. He believes that omission could lead to deadly mistakes in real life.

“Practice makes perfect and I truly believe that when you’re dealing with a firearm,” said Geary.

He said for novice gun owners especially simply training on a firing range is not enough.

Student Mike Davey agrees, “It’s real.”

Davey is a pilot and said the use of 4orce training is just as real as a flight simulator.

“The flying is exceptionally real and I’ve found this to be on the same level,” said Davey.

Davey said the training has changed his life. Geary said that’s the goal.

“We’d rather someone make a mistake here. This is what training is about. You learn from your mistakes,” said Geary.


Use of 4orce is in Aurora. Training is $90 an hour.

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