FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – An off-campus party in Fort Collins got so wild that the host was forced to call in the police Saturday night.

Video shows Fort Collins Police responding when they say hundreds of partiers filled the streets and it turned violent.

“Everybody had bottles in their hands and beer cans,” said Colorado State University junior Whitney Hill.

The party started on Blevins Court where the CSU juniors recall seeing people stream into the street around midnight.

Police say the host called them for help breaking up the party.

“We did see a police pull his riot shield out of here,” said CSU junior Kaley Platel.

“Then people started to back up,” said Hill.

When police arrived most people left, but officers say some people threw rocks and bottles at them.

To break up the crowd police set off pepper balls.

“We’re not proud that that happened, that’s not what CSU is about,” said CSU spokesman Mike Hooker.

While no students have been blamed for the violence, Hooker says the university is investigating whether students were involved.

Both Hooker and students said they believe the system meant to stop crowds from getting rowdier worked.

“They had the people blocked off so we were pretty safe,” said Platel.

No injuries or arrests have been reported but if found to be involved, people could face criminal charges and students could face disciplinary action from the university.


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