DENVER (CBS4) – Dozens of snow plows are on standby at Denver Public Works ready to tackle the snowy roads.

“We just moved here from Wisconsin, so we definitely thought it’d be warm by now,” said Denver resident Janet Mohoney.

Mohoney is getting her first taste of spring in Colorado.

“It’s hard to get used to. I mean yesterday was gorgeous, but a bit cloudy. Then today is like we’re back in January, so it isn’t that fun,” said Mohoney.

Gloomy skies and snow can still sneak up on residents even in April.

“We have a fleet of 70 big snowplows that are ready to deploy when needed,” said Nancy Kuhn from Denver Public Works.

The storm reminds Denver Public Works that they can’t put the snowplows in the garage for the season just yet.

“We deploy when snow begins to accumulate on Denver’s main roads or streets. In this case, we anticipate we could have an icing situation overnight,” said Kuhn.

Colorado Department of Transportation crews are also tackling the highways differently.

“When you look at late spring storms really what we do is a lot of monitoring,” said Amy Ford from CDOT.

According to Ford, crews approach with caution.

“We don’t put down our de-icer until it is absolutely necessary. The last thing you want to do is put down de-icer on a slightly warm road because what it does is it makes it icier. So we hold off on that until we really, really need it,” said Ford.

Even though it’s April the roads can still get messy and icy in spots.

Denver Public Works advises everyone to take things slow just like during the winter.